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Why IoT Projects Fail

This 100+ page report is free to download. It is essential reading for anyone involved in building an IoT solution for their organization

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See also How to Succeed With IoT here.

About the Report

The use of IoT for business operations is developing rapidly and has already been proven to deliver huge new value. Yet IoT projects have several elements that all need to work well together, sometimes making them more complex to build than expected. For a variety of reasons, it is estimated that nearly three quarters of all IoT projects started will not be considered successful by the organizations using them. This is a real cause for concern in the IoT community.

There are many reasons for this and lessons to be learned to increase the level of success and therefore the Return on Investment. Through detailed research, including interviews with IoT solution providers and enterprise users together with a large survey of enterprise users, this report examines why IoT projects fail, or never get started, and what we can learn from them. It does not seek to set out ‘one best way’ towards building an IoT solution. Instead, it explores what typically goes wrong and why, and suggests remedies for overcoming these challenges.

This 100+ page report (4MB) is free to download and essential reading for anyone involved in building an IoT solution for their organization.

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About Beecham Research

Beecham Research is a leading technology market research, analysis and consulting firm established in 1991. We have specialized in the development of the rapidly-growing Connected Devices market, often referred to as M2M and IoT, worldwide since 2001.

We are internationally recognised as thought leaders in this market and have deep knowledge of the market dynamics at every level in the value chain.

Our clients include component and hardware vendors, major network/connectivity suppliers, system integrators, application developers, distributors and enterprise users in both B2B and B2C markets. We are experts in M2M/IoT services and platforms and also in IoT solution security, where we have extensive technical knowledge.

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